Sustainable Development Goals in Syria

Sustainable Development Goals in Syria

In 2016, humanity came together and pledged to fully redeem the globe and bring about peace and prosperity.

Our progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was the beacon of hope that gave millions of people a chance to live better lives in a variety of areas, including mitigating climate change, education, reducing economic inequality, innovation, sustainable consumption, and peace and justice.

With a tenure of 2030, major keystones have been approached, and several success stories are illuminating the globe...

Ironically, though, millions of individuals continue to lag behind. battling to survive in this uneven abundance period.

The most recent study on the 2022 ARAB REGION SDG INDEX & DASHBOARD REPORT highlighted an ironic reality, especially for Syria, my dear nation that is torn apart by violence.

Ranking 17 out of 22 in the Arab world, the SDG Index Score was 50.8.

Due to a number of issues, most notably the ongoing conflict since 2011, Syria has not reached half of the 17th SDGs and the other half has stagnated in achievement.

Think about it,

The tragedy is that the number of infants surviving is decreasing…

The frustration is that the number of females to males as gross national income per capita is declining...

The heart-breaking number of students getting access to primary education becomes alarming...

However, these stories are too often untold reality not only in Syria but in different parts of the world..

Believe me when it comes to issues like civil war and armed conflict, water shortages and climate change, unemployment, lower education quality, and gender equality, and forced displacement, distances shrink and differences fade.

We failed to keep our promises, the promise to the weakest and most vulnerable…

Shouldn't this inspire our most basic instincts of justice?

Absolutely yes!

Let's be honest; advocating for action is frequently simpler than initiating and inspiring change.

Although I am certain that transformational change is simply the accumulation of numerous tiny steps - footprints indicating a future path where none previously existed -

And let's pledge that, wherever we go, we'll unpack compassion, forgiveness, knowledge, and respect when we open our baggage.