Role of Youth to tackle climate change

Role of Youth to tackle climate change

Climate change has become a present danger we are meant to face in everyone’s yard. The climate crisis is no longer seen as an environmental concern only, and the acknowledgement of it also being a human crisis has changed the discourse.

climate change was a risk multiplier in the Syrian Case.

I come from Syria, once blossoming and promising country That has become an extremely thirsty, water scarce and war-torn place. In Syria, already weakened by 11 years of conflict, we, Syrians, fear more war, and more drought as well. Many researchers agreed on the fact that climate change was a risk multiplier in the Syrian case setting huge pressure on pre-existing issues such as poverty and scarce resources, fueling socioeconomic tensions.

Climate change is a major threat to peace and security at all local, regional and international levels.

The severe drought that Syria endured since 2007 added to water shortage and high cost of food and energy are underpinning our food security crisis. Agricultural collapse caused by extreme climatic events is claimed to have
contributed to increased displacement and migration and was a direct role in the deterioration of Syria’s economic conditions. Furthermore, they allegedly triggered the conflict outbreak in 2011 in addition to other complex interrelated factors.

Ironically, time and discussions neglect the people most affected by climate change. Instead, the interests of wealthy countries have driven the debate about climate crises.

And here comes the role of Youth.

And perhaps it is a cliché but It will be a huge moment for young people who passionately and devotedly work on climate change issues to come to seize the momentum that have been created albeit the intensification of the climate crisis.

It is crucial to provide a safe space for youth's capacity building and policy training, in order to prepare them for participation at COP. It will be an opportunity for the youth to bring together collected inputs from right across government, civil society, private sector and diverse community groups.

Let us discuss youth's vision on the climate negotiations, and propose themes of an Interactive Dialogues and stakeholder engagement. Making the road to an action-orientated, inclusive and cross-sectoral COP27 In Egypt, and further fulfilling the climate negotiations nd commitments.