January Highlights, Lessons, Favorites | 2023

January Highlights, Lessons, Favorites | 2023

It's already 2023's first quarter. January is full of newness and change. The advertisements for gyms and diet plans create mental images of completely novel and strenuous routines. Surrounded by calendars and sticky notes in office to believe that our level of organization will remain high for the course of the coming year.

Despite the allure of shooting for perfection and seeing rapid results, we know that pursuing this goal can result in fatigue and dissatisfaction by the end of the first quarter.

It's common practice to view January as the best month to launch into a flurry of activity and hasty pursuit of progress. Before beginning the most important parts of the job for the year, I believe that the month of January is an excellent opportunity to take a step back, conduct an in-depth analysis, and make some well-considered improvements.

Taking a look back at some of the highlights, lessons, and favorites from the month of January. These are just snapshots of my life during the month of January 2023, including the events and resources that had the most impact on my development.

In January I needed to slow down. Adjust the pace at which you work as needed: First, you need to go more slowly.

I am building back and strengthening my energy to keep myself safe from burning out and protect me against exhaustion.

I took my time to heal, recuperate and nourish yourself.

Lessons learnt:

Here are the most important lessons I learnt in January 2023…

1. Have faith that there is always a solution available. Put my energy to what I can control.

2. You are not everyone’s cup of tea. Normalize that!

3. Laser focusing on one thing at time is power. You can direct your energy in the proper direction and focus your attention on the right things if you are present.

4. Recognize the complexity of the difficulties you face. Find serenity and composure despite the difficult circumstances or upsetting occurrences that are taking place around me.


  1. I worked constantly on my thesis and the article I will be submitting in April.

2. My work within the NGOs I am volunteering with is becoming solid and I am getting positive feedback.

Things I am trying to learn:

I would like to get back to previous habit of reading and exposing myself to new literature and languages.

I will start by 12 Rules for Life, a best seller book.

It is one of the most popular books published recently. Jordan Peterson, a well-known author, outlines 12 guidelines for living a good life. The key idea is personal accountability. You must take charge of your own destiny. Get your own issues sorted out before worrying about anyone else's. Quite a few societal issues would be resolved if everyone followed this.