This is Hiba Mohammad

This is Hiba Mohammad

the ebb and flow of my academic life and personal thoughts on environmental challenges.


Enjoying the process of creating my dream life: continuous learning, an eye on my vision, a foot on the ground and skills and habit building to turn that dream into reality.


I act through my academic research, job responsibilities and volunteering activities, with a stimulating question in my mind: How can I add value??
When it comes to the environment, every region is under threat. Climate change, water scarcity, drought, forest fires, floods, conflict and all the associated socio-economic impacts, they’re woven together.

It is advised worldwide to shift to renewable resources. I strongly believe that human ingenuity, creativeness, and imagination are the ultimate renewable resource. The fuel we need to save our planet rests in our own heads, hearts, and hands.

We just need will.

I believe in the power of education and communication to overcome all the challenges we face, from climate change to economic turmoil.

Quality education and comprehensive training to enable us to rethink the challenges, redesign the solutions, and rebuild the human- environmental systems.

Opening lines of communications between us to form a cohesive, unified strategy against climate change, to exchange knowledge, and benefits from others’ perspectives. More importantly working with youth not only for them.

In this regard, I work hard to build all the necessary skills ranging from team building, setting goals, communication, and self-development to youth participation through project planning.